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Every lawyer has those cases that they would prefer to work on over others. It's a fortunate thing that in our complex world that is filled to the brim with competition from other attorneys, not all attorneys think that the same case is ideal.

What if you could spend most of your work time devoted to doing the exact kind of work that you like on the exact kinds of cases that you prefer to do while knowing with certainty that all of the other jobs that are required to keep a small law firm running are attended to? Attended to BETTER than you could actually attend to them yourself?

Let us guide your team in the essential sales skills and knowledge to ensure superior care for all of your clients' non-legal needs so that you can create the firm of your dreams! Together we can offer client care that far exceeds industry standards, and elevate your law firm to elite status within your practice area and jurisdiction.

You care about your clients and the outcomes you achieve for them. We care about your clients and your firm as though it is our firm and they are our clients. Our full- service, Superior Client Care package offers you the ability to have a one-in-a-million intake specialist who is devoted specifically to YOUR firm and practice be the caring and compassionate professional who is focused on determining all of your potential new clients' needs and how your firm can offer the ideal solution for their situation. Your clients love our case evaluations. They will leave their case evaluation with an agreement for representation or armed with knowledge to help them make the important decision of what attorney to hire.

Clients who are in need of a family law attorney are often scared, traumatized and confused. This confounds many attorneys, who specialize in taking care of the nuts and bolts legalities of the family law cases that they take on in their practices. As a solo legal professional or attorney managing your own small firm you probably don't have the time or the energy to deal adequately with the existential angst many of your clients are dealing with. That's exactly where we can help.

We train family law intake specialists with the soft skills that add incredible value to your legal services and teach them how to enable you to effectively and deeply touch more people's lives with your excellent and necessary service. Let's face it: the world is full to the brim with family law attorneys, with fresh and new competition coming on board every year. We will help set your firm apart from the average by training and/or managing your intake team to offer superior client contact, non-legal communications & billing, sales closing & client on-boarding, referrals and lead follow-up.

If you do not currently have a team in place in your law firm or you are thinking about how you can grow your practice we are happy to discuss our full-service Superior Client Care offerings with you which includes a full-suite of digital marketing services in partnership with Fusion One Marketing in Birmingham, AL
Superior Client Care
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Personal Support

I work with your intake specialist or team to create the perfect custom-tailored process so that you can help more people with your ideal cases, on the leads that you have coming in from the marketing that currently have in place.

Training and/or remote management and supervision of your intake team are services that are available.

Marketing Management

Your law firm has a marketing plan in place and managing and adjusting that marketing may be taking up an inordinate amount of your time. I will interface with your marketing team(s) on your behalf, making sure that the marketing you are paying for is always on-point to attract your ideal clients in your ideal markets.

Nuts & Bolts

Featuring courses on the process of signing cases & caring for clients who are dealing with the very difficult emotions and concerns that come with their family law cases.

Employees or Contractors

I will train your intake specialist to be an extension of you! Multiply your success by freeing up your own time to do what you do best: be an attorney. Provide the training for your intake specialist to be your personal and superior sales professional.

Explode Your Firm's Growth 

With intake education and management by Wilde On Divorce

Nichole Wilde Hart has over 20 years of experience as a professional trainer with a long list of successful students and has helped create a winning intake and follow up strategy for Houston's premier flat-fee divorce attorney who specializes in serving high net worth individuals, business owners and people with separate property and complicated assets.

She will help you craft an intake strategy that will help your team close more of your ideal clients, no matter what your preferred type of case is. One of the most important steps in the process of selling divorce is sifting through the many leads that are not your ideal cases. She will train your team to successfully vet the cases that you want and gracefully refuse or refer the cases that you do not want.

She will also train your team to gather those illusive and valuable Google and Yelp! reviews that give your firm added credibility and maximum desirability to your ideal clients.

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Add Maximum Value To Your Legal Services

Family law services play a vital role in providing guidance and support to individuals and families during challenging times. To add more value to such services, it is crucial to adopt a comprehensive approach that addresses the multifaceted needs of clients. By incorporating a range of strategies, family law practitioners can enhance their offerings, empower their clients, and provide a more holistic and effective legal service.

Empathy and Communication:
To add value to family law services, it is essential to prioritize empathy and effective communication. Clients often seek family law services during emotionally distressing periods in their lives. Practitioners who actively listen, demonstrate empathy, and communicate in a clear and compassionate manner can help alleviate client stress and foster a sense of trust. Regular and open communication ensures that clients feel informed, supported, and involved in the decision-making process.

Client-Centered Approach:
Adopting a client-centered approach is paramount in family law services. Understanding that each client has unique circumstances and goals allows practitioners to tailor their strategies accordingly. By taking the time to understand their clients' concerns, aspirations, and priorities, family law professionals can create personalized solutions that cater to specific needs. This approach empowers clients, making them active participants in shaping the outcome of their cases.

Comprehensive Legal Guidance:
Family law issues often encompass a wide range of legal matters, including divorce, child custody, alimony, property division, and more. By offering comprehensive legal guidance, practitioners can provide a one-stop solution for their clients' needs. This may involve collaborating with experts from related fields such as financial planners, therapists, or mediators to provide a well-rounded approach to problem-solving. By addressing all aspects of a case, family law services can help clients navigate the complexities of their legal matters more effectively.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
Traditional litigation can be emotionally draining, time-consuming, and costly. Integrating alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or collaborative law, into family law services adds significant value. These approaches promote open communication, cooperation, and mutually satisfactory outcomes. By encouraging parties to work together rather than engage in adversarial battles, practitioners can help minimize conflict, preserve relationships, and promote the well-being of the entire family.

Education and Support:
Empowering clients with knowledge and support is a valuable aspect of family law services. By providing educational resources, workshops, and support groups, practitioners can equip clients with the necessary tools to navigate their legal challenges and build a foundation for a brighter future. Offering guidance on effective co-parenting, conflict resolution, and emotional well-being can have long-lasting positive effects, ensuring that clients are better prepared to face future challenges.

Technological Integration:
Embracing technology can significantly enhance the efficiency and accessibility of family law services. Online portals, secure communication channels, and case management systems can streamline communication, document sharing, and scheduling. Moreover, utilizing legal research tools and data analytics can help practitioners stay updated with legal developments, enabling them to provide informed advice and strategies to their clients.
By incorporating empathy, effective communication, a client-centered approach, comprehensive legal guidance, alternative dispute resolution, education, support, and technological integration, family law services can add substantial value to clients' experiences. By addressing the emotional, legal, and practical aspects of their cases, practitioners can empower clients, promote better outcomes, and contribute positively to the well-being of families in need of assistance.

Wilde On Divorce Core Principles

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Superior Client Care

Superior client care is what sets apart the firms that I work with from all of the others. My attorney partners are all committed to serving people in the top-most manner possible. The execution of superior client care is all about "soft skills," which can be learned. I will teach your team how to approach every potential new client with empathy and professionalism, assuring that your potential and new clients are all treated with respect and true care.

Staging Your Leads for Follow-Up

Almost all businesses can benefit from more and better follow-up. 85% of customers who are shopping for professional services such as family law help hire 90-180 days after their first outreach to a professional. Great follow-up can mine diamonds from the coal that are those unspoken-to leads. I custom-create email follow-up campaigns that attract those fallow leads and nurture them into people that you can deeply help with your service. Custom email campaigns can last from 3 months to 1 year and will be automated and delivered on schedule by your firm's CRM with only the most minimal involvement of your staff. Once the campaign is created and installed all your intake specialist will need to do is to click on the proper workflow or checklist.

Overseeing Your Team

There's a middle-spot in law firm growth where the managing partner is just a smidge too overwhelmed with lawyering work to oversee the intake team as thoroughly as may be necessary to dial-in your firm's ability to help the most people possible . This is where I can help you! Intake team oversight and management is my specialty!  

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